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Please note that this is still a draft document, which is subject to change prior to publication

This is an attempt to putting something composed in book format on to the internet. Each chapter is accessed as a complete and seperate page from the menu bar on the right, and footnotes will be referred to a seperate footnote page at the end.

The contents are in Portable Document File format. This means you can be reasonably certain that they haven't been tampered with, but you may need to instal "PDF Reader" software.

Forgery, identity theft, and and impersonation is always a problem on-line.

The menu bar lists the chapters in the order in which you would find them in a printed book.

It is suggested that you do not skip past chapters containing what you may think will be boring, or which you assume you already know. There is an huge problem with misinformation about many aspects of Christianity.

I ask this of you because you may find that there are things mentioned - particularly in the early history part - which are in the perspective of the author (who properly researched the field), ao they may well be different from yours, as you may be misinformed, or had made assumptions. Beware of sensational writings.

It is my hope that you gain a better understanding from reading this work, the text of which is on the internet because of the cost of producing a printed publication for a small circulation.

It replaces an earlier paper I wrote in response to David Holden's "Alethia Publications" pamphet entitled "Brisbane Christian Fellowship". This had many, many, inaccuracies in it.

My response to that is out of print, and the original has been lost in one of several moves. Those inaccuracies were discussed at the time with elders and members who had left as well as hose still in the movement, for clarification of the accuracy of my statements.

It may also be useful to read this on-line book in conjunction with my as yet unpublished comments (review?) of Morag Zwartz's 2008 book "Apostles of Fear" because of a number of inaccuracies therin as well.

I should mention that I've only just started reading the book, but was not particularly impressed with the similar era documentaries which I watched live. which were produced by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's "Four Corners" program, and the Channel Nine network's "60 Minutes" (from memory) which used identical footage and nearly identical commentary/voice over complete with the same innuendos.

Australian media - in the main - seems viciously anti-Christianity - but pro-Muslim, and olitically correct, which maybe says something. I have worked in the media.

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Created 18th February 1999 and current draft updated 10th October 2010